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    Support your Lady Drillers!!

    Read below:

    1. You click on the link below for the game you want to play.
    2. Enter the username and password as indicated
    3. Click on "Show Picks" to see what squares are available
    4. Then click on "enter pick" to choose your square
    5. Enter your name and email 
    6. Put Oscar Cantu down as the "referring person" 
    7. Send your money to me (or via paypal to ladydrillers02@gmail.com, please do as a "gift" so no fee to team... if you use a CC for payment method please choose for you to pay the 2.9% fee) cash preferred and checks made payable to Drillers
    8. Once all squares are sold and money is in, the system will randomly assign the numbers for the columns and rows)
    9. Now sit back and watch the game to see if you won.  Winnings are paid out each quarter and end of game.  
    10. Money will be sent to you via cash if I see you in person, via check to your address or paypal if you prefer)
    Thank you for supporting our girls as they represent the HOUSTON AREA in the Triple Crown, ASA National Championships and the USFA World Series...  

    AFC Game ($10/square, money due by Jan 16th)

    Your Squares Website: http://www.superbowlsquares.org/z55t4

    User ID: drillers

    Password: afc

     NFC Game ($10/square, money due by Jan 16th)

    Your Squares Website: http://www.superbowlsquares.org/kpjs

    User ID: drillers

    Password: nfc

    Superbowl Game ($20/square, money due by Jan 30th)

    Your Squares Website: http://www.superbowlsquares.org/myrpz  

    Public: drillers

    Password: superb

    Posted on 13 Jan 2014 by Oscar

Head Coach:
Oscar Cantu

Assistant Coaching Staff:
Albert Zapata
Ryan Hasselmeier

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